About Us

Hi! I am Jenny Ho!

Having started my career in “HR and Recruitment” more than 20 years ago, I have encountered several blind spots or areas that interviewees/candidates need to work on. I have seen the industry from up close and have been offering my recruiting expertise to many multinational clients from different industries, including life sciences, oil, gas and petrochemicals, and chemicals in the region.

What is AskJenny?

In my work, I get asked questions (a lot) on interview preparation, resume writing, what to say and what not to say during interviews etc.

I also receive feedback from companies when they tell me how some candidates/interviewees did well or fare badly during interviews. They tell me what they like and do not like to see and hear.
Some of these mistakes can cause you to lose interview opportunities or even the job! I have seen them all!

You need to know what they are and how you can avoid the mistakes many others make!

AskJenny is a platform that allows you to do so, all in strict privacy.

This website shares insights into recruitment, interview preparations, what interviewers are expecting from candidates and much more through easy to read eBooks and other services like resume writing, interview preparation.

Are the E-books and Services for you?

Everyone needs a holding hand once in a while because we are not born winners. It is finding the right opportunity and putting your best forward that makes us winners!

It is about never giving up that makes us winners!

It is about knowing what works that makes the difference!

It is about making smart choices that makes us winners!

So who will really benefit from AskJenny services?

The e-Books have been created keeping in mind the issues faced primarily by mid level and senior level executives today.

These issues can vary from something as common as managing your team or individuals in the team to dedicated career information and advice like reporting to a younger boss, motivating a remote team etc.

Some professionals, in particular those in technical fields, tend to write resumes that are simply a showcase of their list of responsibilities and technologies. This type of resume no longer suffices in today’s times. There are a lot of technologists with similar skills sets, both domestically and aboard; you need to distinguish yourself in terms of specific results that tie back to the value the business can receive. Our Resume Writing Service will help correct this.

You can also get more specific help from our interview preparation service pending an important interview session or simply want to improve your interview success rate.

Since our services are personalized to your needs and goals, we help you find the best way to conduct your job search.  We understand how both business and private employers select their employees, thanks to our recruiting experience.

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