How To Prepare For An Interview

Tell me something about yourself.

What is your biggest professional accomplishment till date?

How would people who work with you describe you?

What is your biggest weakness?

Many interviewees are unable to formulate answers to the aforementioned questions and other questions that interviewer might ask even when they know the best way of answering them. This often happens because they are either unable to objectively think about their achievements and skills or are not able to voice their thoughts clearly and persuasively.

An expert’s help here can make a huge difference.

We offer job seekers customized interview preparation services. You can engage us before an upcoming interview and we will guide you how best to present yourself.

This is a One-on-One session, either face-to-face, skype or by telephone. But you need to send us the following minimum 3 days before your interview:

  • The Job Description
  • Your resume
  • Any information you have collected about the company, like the company’s website.

If required, we may ask you additional questions to know more about your experiences.

We also provide assistance on urgent basis. However, for that you will have to pay extra.

Our services cover the following:

  • Telling you what to focus on during the interview
  • Highlighting your strengths and how to downplay your weaknesses
  • How to effectively close the interview

Our Interview Preparation Package Includes:

  • Reach out to an expert consultant via email
    When you send us an email highlighting your need to prepare for upcoming interviews, we will appoint an expert from your field of expertise who can provide you with proper guidance. Our expert will not only help you through a step-by-step approach towards preparing for the interview but also offer their advice on a variety of aspects like behaviors, perception, confidence etc.
  • A Questionnaire specially created to understand your requirement better!
    All interviews are not the same! Each interview varies on several parameters including the job applied for, the company applied to, and the designation. There are many areas that you need to focus on in order to achieve success in an interview. In order to help you achieve interview success, we have created a questionnaire template that will help our experts to identify your skills and requirement and assist you through the preparation process in a better way.
  • Step by Step Approach
    The preparation to any interview is a “step by step” approach – you cannot jump from the bottom right to the top! Our experts have been leading interviews for many years and continue to contribute their services to some of the top global organisations. They will handhold you and walk you through each step at a time right from like helping you prepare and practice answers for some of the standard interview questions, building your confidence, working on your strengths and weaknesses, working on your dress code, and much more.
  • Unlimited Email Advice for 7 working days!
    In 7 days, our experts will make you one of the top “contenders” for any interview, anywhere in the world! In these 7 days, you can receive unlimited email advice from your consultant on numerous questions that you may have regarding your interview.
  • Extras
    Salary negotiation techniques, engaging introductions, developing intelligent questions, and building rapport.

Get in touch with our Interview Preparation Expert today!

Cost of Our Package